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EZ DRAIN Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

 This high quality winter cover automatically drains itself without a cover pump!

If you are tired of constantly monitoring the water level on top of your winter cover, then our new EZ DRAIN COVER is for you. EZ Drain comes with a drainage system sandwiched between layers of the cover. Simply hook up the cover drain to your pool's return line with the hose that is included and the cover automatically drains itself of excess water. EZ Drain removes damaging excess water weight from your pool cover all winter long. Eliminates cover pumps, siphons and the MFG says you don't need an air pillow either.

Not only does EZ Drain automatically remove rain water, but it is a tough and durable winter cover that will protect your pool from winter's worst. It is made from super-strong triple laminated woven polyethylene with a specially designed inner scrim that is extremely tear resistant. EZ Drain is UV protected to shield it from the damaging effects of sunlight. The cover is backed by a 15 Year Manufacturers Pro-Rated Warranty with 3 years at full coverage. The covers have a 3 foot overlap to ensure a proper fit. EZ Drain covers come complete with cable and tightening system, drainage hose and fittings. Minimal installation required.

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Designed to maintain the correct amount of water on your pool cover. Maintaining water on top of your of your cover protects it from harmful UV rays as well as prevents damage caused by wind flap.

These are pre-assembled and designed to collect water and direct it towards the external wall drain via a drain hose, which
is supplied with the cover. The filter screen is designed to prevent your automatic drain from becoming clogged. It allows any debris that is collected to dry and be blown away.

Direct excess water towards the EZ DRAIN in the center of
your pool. These foam flotation devices are encapsulated in the same material as the pool cover and are permanently attached to your cover. This eliminates the need for an air bubble, saving you both time and money.

To ensure proper drainage additional adjustments can be
made by adding these clips in ares where you have excess cover material. Simply pull the cover over the top rail and snap the clip in place.

Extra large spool.
Extra large handle for more leverage.
Extra strong lock and 2 keys for added security.

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NOTE: EZ Drain can only be installed on pools with Hayward style returns. Pools with non standard returns such as Doughboy, Lomart, Muskin and pools with Aqualuminator lighting systems are not compatible with EZ Drain. You will also need an Aquador Skimmer Cover as well.




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