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Zodiac Duo-Clear


If you want your pool water to be silky smooth and crystal clear with low levels of chlorine, then Dou-Clear™ is the answer! This is system combines the world’s leading saltwater generator with the world’s most popular mineralizer, Nature2™. Best of all, the system is totally automatic and even alerts you when the Nature2™ cartridge needs replacing.

The heart of the Duo-Clear™ is the advanced saltwater generator by Zodiac®. By adding about 1 tsp. of salt per gallon to your pool water, the system produces enough chlorine to sanitize your pool. The salt in your pool is constantly being recycled and reused to produce more sanitizer. Duo-Clear™ is completely automatic and is constantly monitoring your pool’s demand for chlorine. You will not notice the salt in you pool and will never have to handle hazardous chemicals.

In addition to the chlorine generator, Duo-Clear™ adds the Nature2™ chlorine-free mineralizer. Nature2™’s natural sanitizing cleans the pool water, allowing the chlorine generator to run less, resulting in a lower amount of chlorine in the pool. With the addition of the Nature2™, your pool stays crystal clear without skin irritation or strong odors. Just replace the Nature2™ cartridge when the system alerts you and you are ready to enjoy clear, pure pool water with low chlorine levels.

Invest in the finest mineralizer and chlorine generator anywhere and significantly reduce your dependence on harsh chemicals – automatically with Duo-Clear™! The unit comes complete with Nature2™ sanitizer cartridge and easily installs inline with your pool’s current plumbing. 3-Year Warranty.


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