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Perfect Pool and Spa Software

General Description

  • Quickly pays for itself in chemicals saved!

  • Saves time and money by eliminating wasted chemicals!

  • Designed specifically for the home user.

  • No Professors, Chemists or Engineers needed!

  • Track and care for 1 pool and 1 spa

  • Handles volumes up to 10,000,000 gallons

  • Tells you the exact chemicals to add to achieve a balanced and safe pool or spa

  • Keeps history log of test results and treatments

  • Don't shock when you only need to super-chlorinate!

  • The only software that balances & adjusts the water from saturation index!

  • Warns you when treatment is necessary

  • Gives the exact order to add chemicals

  • Prepares a personal maintenance schedule to keep your water crystal clear!

  • Don't settle for other software which only gets your water within the minimum and maximum ranges.

  • Perfect Pool and Spa Software! gets your water into the Perfect range as recommended by pool professionals.

Perfect Pool and Spa Software allows you to care for your pool with the same technical information available to pool professionals.  Take the guess work out of adding and adjusting chemicals because the recommendations are customized to your pool or spa.  Water Balance is calculated automatically without complicated charts or formulas.  Simple tests that you perform yourself are more accurate than taking stale water samples to pool supply companies.  Add only the chemicals you need, only in the amounts that you need and in the right order.

Perfect Pool and Spa Software! was designed for home use so there's no complicated entry of information which has little or no bearing  on the home pool.  The simple intuitive point and click design requires NO typing and is fun to use.  Straight forward recommendations for adjustments and routine maintenance make caring for a pool or spa easy and rewarding.

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Poolandspa.com > Store > Swimming Pool Products > Water Testing

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