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Fountain - Defolaminar

Fountain - Defolaminar

This is way cool - but it isn't for everyone ! It ain't cheap - but it is MINT !

You may have seen these cool fountains in commercial buildings and amusement parks. These fountains shoot a controlled stream of water almost 20' and they enter the water at the other end almost totally silently and without a splash.

Advanced technological design produces this glass rod effect for a spectacular addition to any pool or fountain.

Until now, these high-tech fountains were not available to consumers for use in residential settings. They were just too expensive, with a single jet costing upwards of $35,000. But now - at last - you can get the same cool beauty for less that one tenth the price !

The Defolaminar Fountain is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Just loosen the four bolts on the locking bracket for access to the equipment canister. Hookup water and aim the unit to create the proper effect and you are on your way.

Unit is Fiber Optic Light Ready so that you can add a variety of colored lighting effects to your stream ! Can be used with most brands of Fiber Optic lights.

Purchase a few units to produce an astonishing array ! There is a price break for 4 or more units. Call us for details (1-800-876-7647 or 702-437-4343).

If you got the bucks, and you have a mint pool, then you should definitely get some of these babies ! Absolutely stunning !

Item Retail Price Quantity
CF-DFL - Defolaminar Fountain - CF-DFL $2,857.80 $1,428.90

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