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  Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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What is Nature2 ?

Spa owners may be surprised to learn how easy it is to have brilliantly clear, incredibly pure, absolutely odor-free spa water...

...and amazed to learn that it's as inexpensive as it is simple.

The natural alternative to chlorine and bromine. A new technology that's pure & simple. The Nature2 Spa Purifier provides a healthy safe and odor-free environment. Nature2 has been designed to purify spa water using the same process found in nature…your water is percolated through minerals and then trace amounts of the minerals are released back into your spa to control bacteria. It's a much more energy-efficient and cost-effective way to achieve natural purity than by using chemical-based systems. This same Nature2 technology has become the leading alternative to chlorine among swimming pool owners around the world.

You'll see, feel and smell the difference.

A Nature2 Spa Purifier will improve the look, feel and smell of your spa water-dramatically. You'll discover the joy of crystal clear water free of the stickiness and odors chlorine and bromine can cause. You'll eliminate the discomfort of eye and skin irritations. Your swim suits won't bleach out. And you'll discourage scum lines around your spa. Experience maximum comfort, convenience and relaxation.

The completely self-contained Nature2 spa purifier is the simplest available.

There are no moving parts. It works as part of your spa's existing water circulation system. Designed to fit comfortably into most spa filters, installation is a breeze and takes only a few seconds. Nature2 just slips into your spa's filter, where it works twenty-four hours a day to keep your spa water clean and fresh. What could be simpler, or more natural?

Each Nature2 cartridge can be used safely and effectively for 4 months. Best of all, you'll eliminate the messy and tedious chore of constantly adding chlorine or bromine. A small dose of non-chlorine based oxidizer is all you need. And, unlike chlorine and bromine, the Nature2 Spa Purifier is unaffected by hot water temperatures. If your spa is equipped with an ozonator, a Nature2 purifier will greatly enhance its performance. Your dealer has complete details. For a very modest cost, you can ensure that your spa water is clear, clean, safe-and naturally pure-day in and day out.

With Nature2 in your spa, you can relax.

It's the dawn of a new era in spa purification. No longer is it necessary to pour more and more chemicals into a spa in an effort to "sanitize" the water. Because now spa water can be purified, naturally. Now your spa water can be brilliantly clear, free of odors and irritants, softer, and more refreshing. Now there is Nature2.

Thoroughly proven and exhaustively tested, Nature2's patented mineral-bed technology is based on breakthrough advances that replicate nature's own method of purifying water. The technology is so effective that it easily meets the disinfection standards of the National Sanitation Foundation as well as the guidelines set by the EPA for bacteria in drinking water. And Nature2's ease of maintenance earned it a rating of "very good to excellent" from 100% of those surveyed in a research study of spa owners.

While Nature 2 is not a sanitizer itself, it greatly reduces the amount of chlorine you would ordinarily use in your spa. We recommend shocking the tub every third week with two tablespoons of dichlor, and using a non-chlorine shock on the remaining weeks. If your tub sees a high bather load (like a party full of kids!) you might want to shock using a chlorine based product right afterwards as well.

Nature2 purification.

Spa owners can now have just what they want.