Web Site Credits for Poolandspa.com

Webmaster :
H. D. Merritt, Master Image

Senior Programmers:
Gerry Dowling
John Specek, Master Image

Computer Consulting :
Dan Addiss, Synapse Imaging

Senior Graphics Designer :
B.D. Bender

Additional Graphics :
Greg Samuels, Picturama

Publicist :
Jacob Carnivale, LXG

Additional Programming :
Jeff Baxter, Fred Barnes, Wally Newfield, Heather Carn, Jim Styth, Scott Fields, Cory Good, Rich Johnson, Tim Casey, Richard Schwartz

Research :
Bailey Hill, InfoMatic

Additional Photography :
Gary Fielding, Sam Watts

Beta Testers :
Tim Casey, Frank Cappiello, Kathy Shanahan, Paul Alter, J.C. Whitman, Matt Derosa, Chris Saputo

Stewart Krupin, Esq.

Internet Service Provider:
Dan Addiss, Ready Connect


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