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  Monday, January 22, 2018
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durasport spas - Product Information & Photos

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Inspiration comes with a variety of options. Strong Spas’ Durasport line perfectly blends classically constructed acrylic spas with durable, rotationally-molded resin portable spas, offering luxury in a wide array of styles, sizes and features.

With a spa from our Durasport line, you’ll enjoy powerful hydrotherapy, beautiful water and lighting features, luxurious options and the peace of mind that owning a Strong Spa brings. Durasport™ Spas by Strong Spas is committed to creating the industry’s most innovative products.

 We focus on developing state-of-the art spas that deliver clean, efficient, reliable performance that’s comfortable and safe, all at affordable prices.

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Our exclusive, patent-pending Titan™ HardCover... the ultimate hardcover... is available on many of our Durasport models. Easy to open, energy-efficient, able to hold 1,000+ lbs., and backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty... you’ll never need another cover!

We are recognized in the industry for our patent-pending Titan HardCover, available on our Durasport Roto Series G-2 Spas, and our 85” x 85” Durasport Acrylic Series spas, as well as on most of our Strong Spas Premium spa line!

This is a true hard cover, able to withstand over 1,000 lbs. of weight! It has been specially engineered so that it is easy for an adult to open, but not for a child. And when closed, the Titan HardCover provides superior heat retention and security, as well as beauty!


Durasport rotationally-molded spas are lightweight, durable and easy to set up. Installation of many of our spas is a simple as 1-2-3. First, place the spa on a flat, level surface. Second, fill it up with water from a garden hose. Third, plug it in and enjoy! Some models are 240V operation and must be hardwired, providing increased energy-efficiency.

Wash away stress, soothe aches and pains, or simply unwind and enjoy! Durasport delivers all the hydrotherapeutic benefits comparable to more expensive spas. Powerful pumps and high performance jets, contoured seating and technologically-advanced digital control systems ensure performance is never compromised in a Durasport Spa. Our spas are made in the USA and are comprised of parts and components from the industry’s most reputable, long-established suppliers. Enjoy your spa throughout the season.

Unlike other rotationally-molded spas on the market, Durasport Spas are equipped with true all-season stainless steel heaters which are both efficient and powerful. Our spas have all been rated energy efficient by strict testing from the CEC (California Energy Commission).

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Durasport Roto Spas are built with an innovative unibody construction, in which the body of the spa is integrated into a single unit with the sidewalls and base rather than having a separate body-on-frame. The result of this single unit is an unparalleled structural integrity creating a spa that is quite literally indestructible.

The rotomolding process is used to create our Durasport Roto Spas. A heated hollow mold is filled with a powdered, high-impact polyethylene polymer. The mold is mounted on a single-arm machine (Durasport spas houses 2 of the largest and most technologically-advanced rotomold machines in the industry). These machines rotate the mold biaxially while heating it externally.

The high impact polymer softens, uniformly coating the inside of the mold. Once cooled, the two-part mold is opened exposing a single-piece spa. The Durasport Roto Spas structure benefits from consistent wall thickness and density creating spas so structurally strong we back them with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Durasport Spas is recognized as a leader in the manufacturing of rotational molded spas. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Pennsylvania, USA. Durasport Spas employs some of the industry's best engineers, production and quality control personnel... all to ensure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Durasport Spas' mission is to deliver innovative value-oriented products without compromising on quality or performance. We achieve this by utilizing the best components and manufacturing techniques available within our industry today.

We believe in delivering value that lasts a lifetime. So whether it’s the portability, durability, affordability or simply the quality that attracts you to Durasport Spas, give us a call at 1.800.787.6649, or email us at info@durasportspas.com .

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