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  Monday, January 22, 2018
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Ozone Test Kits for Hot Tubs

By Jennifer Engelmeier

Jennifer Engelmeier is the Sales-Manager of After-Market Spa Products at California-based DEL Ozone, the worldwide leading authority in ozone technology

Looking for expired ozone units is an easy and profitable way to increase your income when doing hot tub repairs and/or service. With literally tens of thousands of expired ozone units in every region, it is as simple as checking the units with an industrial-style ozone test kit. This is the quickest and most accurate way to check to see if your customers’ ozone units are still working. Since hot tub owners are not aware that their ozone unit needs routine replacement just like tires on a car, it may be difficult to convince them that a $200 to $300 replacement is necessary. But if they want clearer, cleaner water with less environmentally unfriendly chemicals, then upkeep of their ozone unit becomes a necessary part of hot tub service.

Finally available for immediate purchase are the brand new DEL Ozone test kits using the same technology that food safety and industrial facilities utilize to detect ozone. This valuable service tool comes in test-tube form, both ends of the vial crack open to expose an Indigo-impregnated material. Turning the ozone generator on for 30-seconds and allowing the ozone gas to flow through the test tube will cause one of two reactions in the tube: 1) nothing will happen: if the ozone generator is weak or expired it will not have enough oxidation power to turn the Indigo from purple-blue to white; 2) turn white: the ozone generator is functioning properly, producing enough ozone to oxidize the Indigo until it turns from purple-blue to white.

Here’s a handy technique to further convince your customer that, indeed, their ozone generator needs reviving. With your customer watching, test their ozone unit and watch as nothing happens. Then, plug in a new unit and let them witness the Indigo turning white. No questions asked, you look professional and they love you for it!

Some may ask “why replace it now?” Simply put, because ozone is the most powerful anti-microbial oxidizing agent available to pool and hot tub owners. Used not just for pools and hot tubs, ozone is an essential part of our daily lives. Ozone is the best alternative to harsh chemicals, and is used in drinking water systems, food preparation, processing & packaging, agricultural application and anywhere there is a need for ultimate sanitation and safety.

200 times more powerful than chlorine, ozone eliminates bacteria, viruses, mold, algae and other unfriendly organic waste. Not only is ozone a very powerful oxidizing agent, it is also environmentally safe. The only byproduct of ozone is oxygen, unlike its chemical counterparts that produce a myriad of personal and environmental concerns.

Ozone helps to eliminate chemicals and additives, keeping the chlorine or bromine demand and residual to a minimum. Top that with the fact that ozone breaks down chemical by-products such as chloramines, and the reduced residual is more effective than the standard 3-5 PPM residual without the unpleasant smell or itch.

There are expired hot tub ozone generators everywhere. Now is the time to upgrade your customers’ sanitation systems to give them high-quality water that is healthier, clearer, cleaner and easier to maintain. Ozone is the healthiest, safest, most eco¬≠friendly product your customer will ever use in their hot tub.

Discover a new profit in every hot tub you service! Be sure to keep plenty of ozone test kits and ozone replacements on hand. In just ten minutes you can provide your customer fresher water as well as make your business more profitable. Order now! For more information, please contact us at aftermaketspa@delozone.com or call us directly at 800-676-1335 x232.