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  Saturday, January 20, 2018
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New Floating Skimmer Makes Pool Cleaning Faster, Easier, Safer for Everyone to Use.

CARMEL VALLEY, Calif., A new product to the pool industry takes all the strain out of removing leaves and debris from the surface of outdoor pools. The SwivelSkim floats and systematically captures and removes debris scattered at or near the pool surface with minimal physical effort -- saving operator fatigue and back injuries.

The patented SwivelSkim is the only pool skimmer engineered to float and operate in both directions -- enabling a faster, easier, and more reliable system for removing floating debris from the surface of pools. No lifting involved, since the SwivelSkim floats, the operator only has to push it out and pull it back for full operation. The SwivelSkim's net swivels on its floating axle to keep the opening to the net facing and collecting the debris whether being pushed forward in the pool or pulled back toward the operator.

The revolutionary design also includes outward-angled fins on either end which enable it to collect the debris which accumulates against pool sidewalls. By simply walking around the perimeter of the pool with the SwivelSkim angled against the sidewall, an operator, even one not particular strong or fit, can collect and retain all the debris which tends to cling and bunch up at pool sidewalls.

SwivelSkim's designers went way beyond conventional pool skimming products to create a floating surface skimmer that removes surface debris without the back strain and awkward lifting and turning associated with skimming devices that do not have flotation.

The invention of this new pool maintenance system is a complete and total departure from the existing methods. No more lifting of heavy skimmers on the end of a long pole. No more back strain and time wasted leaning and reaching over pools trying to snag a leaf here and there. No more back-straining, side-to-side movements to capture debris in the center of the pool.

Pool maintenance experts who have tested this unique product claim substantial productivity gains and cost savings due to decreased on the job fatigue and back injuries. SwivelSkim's proven ability to capture pool debris in a floating net that swivels to clean large swaths of water in both directions gives operators a productivity advantage never dreamed of before. The larger the pool the more SwivelSkim makes a difference.

For photos and video of SwivelSkim in action, and more information on it and its companion products visit http://www.SwivelSkim.com .


     Kent Zilliox, President
     Iwanit Products, Inc.
     4 Buena Vista Del Rio, Bldg. A
     Carmel Valley, CA 93924
     Tel. 831-659-7100