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  Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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Almost Heaven has been selling ionizers for over 25 years, and this

came about mostly because of our association with wooden hot

tubs. In a natural wooden tub, chemical sanitizers can quickly do

serious, irreparable damage to the wood if not used very, very                                                                                                              

judiciously. Even in acrylic spas and swimming pools, there's still

the effect such harsh sanitizers have on your health, equipment and

the environment.

If you want to eliminate the need for halogen (chlorine or bromine)

sanitizers, an ionizer device is the only accepted way to do

so. Ozonaters only reduce halogen demand (all the while eating away

at your equipment's 'O' rings), but ionizers eliminate them.

As a reminder, you can read much more at...


...where you'll clearly see all the reasons why our ionizers are the

best value available, despite their exceptionally reasonable price,

and why you risk your health as well as damage to your equipment if

you do not use one.

Units are available for both hot tubs and swimming pools of any size,

and as you'll note, we are presently one of the only companies

selling a three metal system. Some units generate only copper/silver

and others only copper/zinc, while yet some other units actually

generate copper only, which renders them nearly useless, but our

units generate copper, silver and zinc.

Moreover, you won't find electrodes any larger than those supplied

with our units. In some cases, they are five to ten times the size

of other companies' electrodes, and that translates directly into

longer electrode life.

Almost Heaven sells its products worldwide, having exported to over

60 countries in the last 25 years.

Almost Heaven Group

HC 67 Box 539 BB

Renick WV 24966

Phone: 304-645-2310

E-mail: sales@almostheaven.net    Web Site: http://www.almostheaven.net/