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  Monday, January 22, 2018
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Marquis Spas Product Information & Photos

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What's your inspiration for owning a spa? Connecting with loved ones?
Reinvigorating your body and improving your health? Or escaping from everyday life to renew your spirit?
Marquis has a spa that will fulfill your desires.

Thank You For Your Interest In Marquis Spas

Marquis Spas® was founded in 1980. Since that time we've worked hard to build trust with our customers. So it's no surprise to find that today we're an employee-owned company. We've always had a reputation for quality products and each employee takes pride of ownership very seriously. Such a commitment has led to the highest level of product quality and reliability.

Marquis is mainly concerned with offering creative and innovative designs that will provide you the ultimate soaking experience, cost less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. Our spas are designed with cutting-edge features for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment. We are proud to craft a spa designed to enhance your life.



Marquis® is a proud preferred provider of Make-A-Wish® America and Make-A-Wish® Canada. Since 2000, Marquis® and our dealers are on the path to help grant 600 wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Buy a Marquis® Wish™ spa and help Make-A-Wish! In addition to granting wishes, Marquis® has introduced a special Wish spa. The spa helps more children’s wishes come true, and not just hot tub wishes. For every Wish spa sold to a Marquis® dealer, Marquis® donates $25 to Make-A-Wish. Funds generated from the Wish spa helps grant wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

Hot tub therapy by Marquis®

A hot tub by Marquis® delivers true hydrotherapy, where water, heat, flow, and friction meet. We have developed innovative methods to deliver soothing and revitalizing hydrotherapy, specifically by means of our High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones. See and feel Marquis®' hydrotherapy difference at a showroom today – you should always try before you buy!

Achieve professional, feel-good relief

Marquis®' high-flow, low pressure jetting systems achieve balance between the therapy they provide and the way the jets feel on your body. Jets drive heat deep into your muscles without blasting you out of the hot tub bringing relief without pressure. It's not just how many jets are working it's how they work that gives you the best results. You can control the direction and intensity of the jets to focus on precise areas of need, as well as experience the extreme sensations of the rotating and dual-port jet designs. The footwell therapy system takes on aching feet and calves while a myriad of jets soothe your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, calves and even wrists. Plus, dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a peaceful soak massage.

3-2-1 Zone Control™ channels superior hydrotherapy.

The Marquis® Therapy System utilizes the industry’s most sophisticated configuration of zone controls. 3-2-1 Zone Control™ is the umbrella system for all units, with Tri-Zone valves in many models that direct flow into three separate zones or partially into a combination of zones; in various other models, Tri-Zone Hydrotherapy™ can deliver three levels of relief in a single seat. Zone in on your upper-body, then zone to your mid-body, and finish up with the lower-body to massage your aching feet. This revolutionary system is worthy of a "test drive" today! In other models, Dual Zone valves divert flow into two separate or partially into both zones; and Single Zone flow control is available to a consistent area of a vessel.

The design and alignment of the 3-2-1 Zone Control™ system gives the ultimate flexibility and specific targeting you want for a superior hydrotherapy experience.

High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zone™ jets are unbelievable

The smaller HK™40 jets allow them to be clustered to provide concentrated, penetrating massage to shoulder, lumbar, pillar and foot zones. Plus, you won't find another spa that offers therapy to your interior muscles in the front of your body. The H.O.T. Zone pillar jets allow you to isolate areas such as your chest, arms and front of thighs to bring relief to those muscle groups. You can really feel the difference this small jet delivers – bigger isn't always better.


Saving money, layer by layer

Solid foam insulation is proven to be the most energy efficient means of keeping spa water warm. It has the highest R-value of any insulation concept used in spa manufacturing. Marquis® fills up the spa cabinet with foam that is highly efficient, doesn't degrade and contains no ozone-depleting substances. This solid foam prevents heat loss through the spa wall and footwell, insulates the plumbing, reduces vibration, adds strength, quiets my spa and saves energy costs.

Efficient equipment is smart

Components are housed in an enclosed equipment bay and feature an energy efficient pump with a long-lasting Viton® aircraft-type seal, and a reliable, chemical resistant stainless steel heating system.

DuraCover® is tops

Because energy efficiency is important to the world, Marquis® uses the best cover in the market. The DuraCover® is insulated with the finest certified two pound density foam. It also features an exclusive linear heat seal to prevent heat from escaping. Aside from energy-wise, the DuraCover® doesn't easily dent and holds 100 lbs. more weight than a standard cover. You'll especially appreciate its strength and safety rating with children and pets.

Clean hot tub water

The rules of the game have changed – You no longer need a chemistry degree to care for your hot tub water – Marquis®' ConstantClean™ water management and SmartClean™ filtration systems take care of it for you so you have more time for fun! Plus, Microban® antimicrobial product protection is in our DuraShell® and filters for extra protection. You will love the feel of truly clean water.

Self-cleaning ConstantClean™

Marquis®' ConstantClean™ water management system is like cruise control for your spa – You just set it and practically forget it for up to a month. Your hot tub is ready whenever you want to soak. First, Marquis®' exclusive ozone system effectively destroys unwanted elements 3000 times faster than sanitizer alone. Second, the in-line sanitation system uses natural minerals and bromine cartridges to treat your water so it's safe and clean without unpleasant odors or skin irritation.

The Corona Discharge Ozonator's high-output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. The Mazzei® injector introduces the ozone to the water as it flows through the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.

SmartClean™ is the brain

SmartClean™ software knows when you have used the hot tub and automatically triggers a cleanup cycle after your soak – that's smart! Plus, you can adjust filtration cycles according to how often you use your spa or even if you are on vacation. You can also run it during off-peak hours to conserve energy costs. Marquis®' Vortex skimmer system filters 100% of the water from the spa floor to surface 60 to 160 times a day depending on the spa model. This dramatically reduces the need for surface cleaning or vacuuming. Marquis®' clean obsession pays off with lower maintenance and energy costs.

How it works

• Vortex skimmers skim surface contaminants such as body oils and lotions then direct them into the filter cartridges which trap contaminants and particulates.
• Water is also drawn from the footwell through a safety suction fitting.
• Water is forced upward through the filter to trap debris that may settle at the bottom of the spa, mixing, recirculating and filtering all the water, surface to floor. This translates to circulating about 24,000 gallons of water daily! (Based on using a MP160 pump.)
• Filtered water is drawn into primary jet pump.
• Water is simultaneously routed through the high-flow heater assembly.
• Ozonator’s high-output, energy efficient design converts oxygen into activated ozone gas. Mazzei® injector mixes ozone with water which is then introduced into the mixing chamber.
• Bacteria and other contaminants are oxidized before ozone converts back to oxygen.
• Residual ozone and converted oxygen are reintroduced into the spa water through a dedicated fitting for maximum efficiency.
• Water passes through the in-line sanitation system and is treated with natural minerals and bromine before reentering the spa.


No matter what climate you live in, your cost of electricity, or how often you use your hot tub, a Marquis® hot tub is designed to save you money. Plus it only costs pennies a day to operate. A spa that saves you money - that's even more enjoyable.

Marquis® with MicroSilk® reveals your inner & outer beauty

Using a Marquis® hot tub with MicroSilk® is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial, moisturizing and hydrating at the same time making your skin feel luxuriously silky as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-bubbles literally envelope your body in a soothing, effervescent cloud of oxygen. Yes, oxygen is good for your skin. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin glowing and radiant due to rapid skin cell regeneration.
With real, tangible effects, no surgery and no recovery time, there are many reasons MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is the anti-aging treatment of choice for the modern, sophisticated woman or man. Instead of invasive medical procedures, your treatment happens as you soak away all the worries of the day in a luxurious Marquis® hot tub with MicroSilk®.


• Increased skin metabolism
• Enhanced skin cell growth
• Deeper cleansing of the pores to remove impurities
• Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
• Increased hydration
• Therapeutic levels of anions
• Neutralization of free radicals
• Relief from the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

The fact you experience this wellness with Marquis® is a major distinction.

MicroSilk® technology has existed in the bath industry for several years. After each bath, all the water and the impurities drawn from the skin are washed down the drain. In a hot tub, how you clean and reuse the water rather than dumping out wasted water each use is very important to understand. The best filtration/sanitation system in the industry…Marquis®’ proprietary ConstantClean™ water management with SmartClean™ technology…is the superior system that effectively and quickly restores your water back to pristine.

The SmartClean™ software controls regularly scheduled clean up cycles and knows when you have used the hot tub and automatically triggers an additional cleanup cycle with all of the ConstantClean™ processes after your soak – a critical performance feature for clean water after MicroSilk® use…and only available with Marquis®.

Beauty is in the details

• Waterproof hot tub controls are inside the hot tub right at your fingertips.
• Interior hot tub light adds a touch of beauty and helps you enter safely at night.
• The unique therapy pillar allows you to massage the front and sides of your body and really loosen up.
• The in-line sanitation system is easily accessed from inside or outside the hot tub.
• Marquis®' generous footwell design lets everyone stretch out in comfort.
• You haven't lived until you experience a soothing HK™40 foot massage.
• Tri-Zone control valves allow you to select the area of jetting you want to activate.
• HK™40 jets target your hips, thighs and calves with precision massage.
• The splash guard coping doubles as a built-in hand hold, keeps water inside the hot tub, plus creates a powerful vacuum seal for the DuraCover™.
• The waterfalls provide soothing sound and visual calm.
• Integrated arm rests and hand holds provide extra comfort and ease.
• A cluster of HK™16 jets provide a professional, overall back massage.
• Auxiliary jet controls in select models make it easy to change jetting without moving from your seat.
• River rock in the footwell provides visual appeal as well as stimulating reflexology.

The ultimate hot tub experience!™ Adagio™ audio systems

Adagio™ audio system adds an entertaining dimension to your spa experience. The Adagio™ audio option comes with FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity. An optional RF remote control allows you to manage your personal playlist and an Audio Expansion Port upgrade can also provide connectivity for MP3 devices. Plus, some models feature one-touch pop-up speakers that rise and are backlit with Constellation™.

Light up the Constellation™

Be dazzled by the stellar light show from Constellation™. The colored lights illuminate the water and set the mood any way you desire. There’s even a disco mode to really get your groove on! Plus, the exterior lights make the surrounding environment glow – just like a constellation – it’s absolutely spectacular!
• Constellation™ lights illuminate the water and set the mood for partying or romance.
• Aqua Ambiance™ and MoodMaker™ lighting adds a calm glow.

Waterfall features

Marquis® believes in the soothing sound and visual calm that water provides, so every hot tub by Marquis® has tranquil waterfall features.

Hot tub control

Only the finest materials and components are used in the manufacture of Marquis® hot tubs, including our exclusive operating systems. Comfort Controls are waterproof, which allows them to be placed inside the hot tub – convenient to you. The control panel LCD window features a timer to show you the number of minutes you've been soaking, and maintenance reminders automatically display on a preset schedule. Engineered especially for Marquis®, the controls are preprogrammed and easy to use.

Control can be remote too

The Adagio™ remote allows you to manage the music from other spots around your yard or deck. It controls your Adagio™ audio system, as well as some spa functions. Plus, the wireless video monitor control is the ultimate in function and convenience.
Floating remote controls operate the jet pumps and turn on the hot tub lights from any place in the spa.
Aside from the remote control, some models feature auxiliary lounge controls right at your fingertips... how handy!

Hot tub comfort

Specialty seats, such as the Adirondack chair and full-body lounges, are meticulously designed to conform to the contours of your legs, hips, arms, back and all the way up to the curve of your neck where it rests on the cushioned headrest. Marquis®' footwells are extra generous to accommodate several people and long legs.

Marquis Spas Is SpaSearch Certified

The Spasearch Certified™ and Spasearch Approved™ endorsements were created as a way to recognize customer-oriented portable hot tub manufacturers that consistently provide a superior buying experience for new hot tub owners. Completely independent, the only way for a hot tub manufacturer to earn this coveted award is to demonstrate excellence on every level from product reliability straight through to consumer satisfaction. This impartiality and the demanding nature of the award criteria make these accolades the first of their kind in the portable hot tub industry.

Enhance your hot tub experience

SpaBoutique™ by Marquis® has all the necessities and novelties for your hot tub including filters, jets, cover lifters and aroma therapy scents. SpaBoutique™ offers everything on your list and much more to enhance your ultimate hot tub experience.

Environments™ for your spa life

Surround your Marquis® hot tub with custom Environments™ modules to transform your outdoor living space into your personal hot tub utopia. Designed and built by Marquis® with the same exacting quality of craftsmanship and durable materials, the Environments perfectly complement your hot tub and add a higher level of sophistication to your environment. Marquis® offers a Step I for short hot tubs, Step II for higher tubs, and a Wish Step for that unique façade. Or get creative and put a Step I in front of a bench for a more significant entry.

Not only can you take a seat by the hot tub, you can also store supplies inside the bench. A sturdy hinged lid keeps everything out of sight. Adding a corner module really helps marry the Environments™ to the hot tub. Available in two radii to fit new and older Marquis® spas. Marquis®' tall cabinets create a spa-side table for snacks or candles as well as open with a front door to stash your stuff.

Who doesn't need a spot for beverages and snacks?

The counter cabinets provide just that and more. The two cabinets have storage doors topped by a counter, plus a small shelf below is perfect for extra towels. Use it spa-side or freestanding by the house…it's super stylish.

• Shelves come in various sizes to fit Marquis® hot tubs and attach with metal brackets.
• Stools nestle up to the hot tub under the shelves.
• Planters fit side-by-side with benches and include a liner.
• Towel bar of acrylic attaches to the hot tub to keep those towels dry.

SpaCare™ - Water maintenance made easy.

SpaCare offers all the potions to keep your spa water clean, as well as special helpers to make your job easier and an assortment of filters. Want to make it foolproof? Marquis® SpaCare Water Care and Maintenance Kits have everything you need inside a handy bucket!


SpaTherapy awakens the senses with aromatherapy, chromatherapy and hydrotherapy. Aromatherapy liquids can be used with or without our Aroma Infusions™ system to pleasantly scent the water. Light lens and AquaAmbiance help turn your hot tub into a light display. And you can replace your jet inserts with single-port, dual-port or multiport rotational jets.


Take it easy on yourself. Choose from several cover lifts to assist in cover removal and replacement. Order replacement covers for your hot tub, including the industry’s finest cover, the DuraCover®, which includes an exclusive linear heat seal the length of the cover to trap heat. Get comfortable with remote controls and all the extras to make hot tubbing fun!

Photos provided by Marquis Spas

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