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October 1, 2007

Upgraded Cal Spas models available with hybrid heater

POMONA, CA — Cal Spas, the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products, takes an environmentally conscious approach to swim spas by offering a hybrid heating option on its Ultimate Series models.

Available as an optional upgrade, the 11kW hybrid heater, which uses a combination of natural gas and electric power, amplifies and nearly doubles the heating capacity of the standard electric-only heater. This translates to more power and the ability to heat the 15 to 25-thousand gallons of water in the swim spa to higher temperatures.

The new swim spas are also cosmetically pleasing. While other swim spas have auxiliary equipment —such as the water pump— on the outside of the hot tub, all of the equipment on the new Ultimate Series models is self-contained. Result: an uncluttered area around the swim spa.

Health experts tout swimming as one of the best exercises out there. It provides an all-over workout without straining joints and muscles. But with seasonal changes and the fact that not everyone has the wherewithal or the space for a pool, swimming has been only a warm-weather indulgence for most of us. Well, now there’s a solution: Cal Spas’ Ultimate Series Swim Spas. Available at a fraction of the size and cost of a traditional pool, these models combine the exercise benefits of a lap pool with the relaxation benefits of a hot tub.

The three models in the Ultimate Series feature a slew of standard features and options, such as waterfalls, LED waterline lighting and a stereo surround system.

As with all Cal Spas products, these models are made to be customized, and offer a choice of four available shell colors — Kalahari, Sterling, Ocean Wave Opal and Caribbean Blue — and two cabinet colors, Cal Premium Red and Cal Premium Grey.

Fitness Pro 4700
The Fitness Pro 4700 is big on features, size and convenience. With both a heated swim zone and a separate spa zone, the swim spa provides different areas for exercising and relaxing. This makes it possible for one person to work out in the swim zone, while others hang out in the adjacent spa zone. The Fitness Pro 4700’s exercise zone is equipped with 22 jets, including dual swim jets that create a current of water that’s adjustable for varying levels of exercise or endurance training; one large, multicolored light; and two Pillowsage™ Headrests. Its spa zone features 25 jets and three Pillowsage Headrests. Adding to the ambience of this aquatic retreat are an elegant waterfall and optional LED waterline lighting. For a musical backdrop to your workout or entertainment experience, include the optional stereo surround system, featuring a subwoofer, amplifier and four 6" speakers. Enhance your workout with the addition of Cal Flex™ Fitness Equipment, designed to shape and tone the upper body. Measuring 96"x206"x52½", the Fitness Pro 4700 Spa seats up to three in the spa zone and seven in the swim zone.


Fitness Pro 2500
The Fitness Pro 2500 offers similar features to the Fitness Pro 4700, minus the spa zone. Measuring 93"x206"x51", this mid-level swim spa has 25 precision jets, including dual adjustable swim jets, two Pillowsage Headrests, a multicolored light and seating for up to four. Optional LED waterline lighting and stereo surround system are also available. This model is a great alternative to a lap pool, with enough room to take a relaxing dip.

Fitness 2400
The perfect family swim spa, the Fitness 2400 replaces the stronger swim jets on the Fitness Pro 2500 and 4700 with two adjustable whirlpool jets, creating a current strong enough for treadmill swimming and perfect for less experienced swimmers or more casual aquatic exercise. This 96"x169"x52" swim spa seats up to five and features 24 jets, four Pillowsage Headrests and one large, multicolored light.

Cal Spas is the #1 Global Manufacturer of Home Resort Products with more than 500 retail outlets worldwide. The company manufactures a broad line of Home Resort Products including hot tubs, swim spas, gazebos, villas, indoor and outdoor saunas, barbecue islands and carts, drop-in grills, modular islands, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, entertainment cocktail bars, billiard tables and game room accessories. Among the earliest companies to embrace the concept of total Home Resort living, Cal Spas products have been turning ordinary backyards into paradise retreats for more than a quarter century. For more information or to find the dealer nearest you, visit www.calspas.com.

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