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Safety Turtle Pool Alarm


This pool alarm works differently than all others. Safety Turtle uses an electronic wristband that locks comfortable around your child’s wrist and is always turned on. There is no wave detector that needs to be adjusted to eliminate false alarms like on other alarm systems. Instead, any time the wristband hits the water; a loud alarm is emitted by the base unit located inside your home or out by the pool. The alarm system is fail-safe and eliminates those annoying and dangerous false alarms.

The Safety Turtle base unit can be located up to 150-ft. away from your pool and spa and can be plugged into any 110-volt outlet. It is totally transportable, so it can be used in the house or moved out to the pool area. If you do not have a 110-volt outlet, just purchase our available battery pack and waterproof base unit carrying case, so you can take Safety Turtle to the beach, boat, or lake.

The piercing alarm cannot be set off by rain or sprinklers, but will always activate should the wristband be immersed in water. The base unit can handle multiple wristbands for friends and relatives. Safety Turtle comes complete with a base unit and one wristband. Additional wristbands sold separately. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty (base unit), 6-Month Warranty (wristband).

Protect your little ones and pets and eliminate false alarms with Safety Turtle.



Item Retail Price Quantity
NA452 - Turtle Pool Alarm-Additional Wristband (ea.) - T101G - UPC - 672875600199 - NA452 $157.08 $74.80

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