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Winter Spa Cover

Winter Spa Cover

Deluxe Winter Spa Cover protects spa cabinet, cover and acrylic spa shell ! Keep your spa safe and secure through harsh winter weather. Heavy duty cover kit comes complete with cable and air pillow ( pillow not shown, but is placed under cover to keep it slightly raised so rain water rolls off ).

"What is a Winter Spa Cover ?"

While we hate to hear that anyone closes their hot tub spa down in the Winter, we do realize that approximately 25 % of people do.

If you do not like to use your spa outside in the winter, then this is the time of year to properly close it. The main reason for winterizing a spa is to stop any water from freezing inside the spa shell, the pipes or the equipment - and causing serious damage by cracking your unit (water expands when it freezes).

One fact that many people forget when they close their spa is that the seam in the middle of the "hard" thermal cover is not completely water-tight. Rain water and melting snow can drip right through, into the spa ! When it gets cold again, this water will freeze and will e-x-p-a-n-d. This may actually crack the acrylic shell. You could check your spa in the middle of the winter, only to find that the tub you thought was completely drained is now half full of frozen water !

To avoid this situation, it is recommended to place a "Winter Spa Cover" over your "hard" spa cover. The Winter Covers are made of a waterproof, lightweight tarp-like material and are even large enough to cover the wood cabinet of portable spas. No water can get through them. They come with a cable and winch, to tighten it around the bottom of the spa cabinet and an Air Pillow. Inground or indeck spas, the cover is secured with water tube (sold Separately), like an inground swimming pool.

The air pillow is installed between the "hard" cover and the Winter Cover to allow rain water to easily drain off the cover, instead of accumulating - and possibly cracking your "hard" cover. Remember, spending a small amount of money up front can avoid costly damage come Springtime!

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Winter Spa Cover
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Item Retail Price Quantity
L8137 - Winter Spa Cover w/ Air Pillow, Cable and Winch - NW150, WC800-4 - L8137 $89.99 $59.95

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